Privacy Policy

This document outlines the privacy practices that Tokeo abides by. It's written in a more human language than other policies you might find, because I (Tokeo) believe it's important to understand this stuff. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. This policy was last updated March 11th 2018.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

Tokeo attempts to collect as little information about you as possible. This includes not tracking you, not tracking your reading or browsing habits, and not tracking your device beyond a single token for push notifications.

For Push Notifications, Tokeo does need a way to identify you; for this purpose, a completely random unique ID is used that contains no personal information. Syncing across devices is done by way of your personal iCloud account, and Tokeo specifically uses a private iCloud container that only you can access.

For purchases, Tokeo processes all payments through Apple and has no record of your name, email, or payment method or anything that could be used to identify you as an individual. Restoration of a data set is only possible if you have previously synced with iCloud.

From time to time, Tokeo may opt to send you a push notification indicating new features or updates. This is intentionally kept to a minimum.

Your Access to and Control Over Information

As noted above, Tokeo goes to great lengths to record as little information about you as possible. You have full access to all your data, and I couldn't sell your information even if I wanted to.

Links and Third Party Content

Tokeo utilizes third party content to help you get a better picture of what's going on in the markets. While this is generally a curated feed, it's worth noting that Tokeo will not held responsible for the content and privacy practices of other websites. For instance, if a link is opened that goes to a news site that tracks you with a cookie, Tokeo is unable to access or modify that data - it's out of reach entirely. Third party content has no ability to access your private data, and is sandboxed appropriately to ensure this remains so.

Warrants, Legal, and More

Unless otherwise noted here, Tokeo has not received any warrants for information from any particular governing entity. Tokeo complies with law enforcement to the best extent possible, while always striving to record as little as possible so that privacy is maintained.

Questions or Comments?

Any questions, comments, criticism or suggestions in regards to this policy can be submitted to, or pop in to the Telegram channel (link found in app) and catch the developer. Responses are generally sent back within 24 hours.

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