All Your Cryptocurrency News in One App

Tokeo helps you find the news that matters: price analysis, new blockchain projects and ICOs, regulatory movements, or [insert reason for crash here].


A stellar (no pun intended) experience

Easy Reading

Tokeo's RSS parser focuses on streamlining the big crypto news sites, presenting all the important content in a nice dark UI.

Multiple Sources

Tokeo supports multiple crypto news sources, with more being added all the time. Missing your favorite one? Let us know and we'll get it on there.


Feeling like you keep missing out on news? Tokeo sends push notifications to all your devices as the news comes in, working to keep you informed.

Native All Around

Built from the ground up as a native app for iOS and macOS, Tokeo is great with battery life and memory usage. Smooth transitions ensure that Tokeo feels at home on both platforms.


Tokeo syncs your bookmarks across all supported platforms for free (using your iCloud account). Bookmarked articles can be read offline.

No Subscriptions

Tokeo is a one-time purchase on both macOS and iOS. Tired of paying subscription fees to every app out there? With Tokeo, you buy it once and own it.


Frequently Asked Questions

No Subscription Fee? Really?

Really! Tokeo is an RSS reader that's optimized for cryptocurrency news websites, and as such isn't a good fit for a recurring subscription fee like other apps might be. You pay for the app's functionality, and you own it. If there's a large enough update in the future, I might opt to charge for a V2, but there would be plenty of notice, V1 would remain working, and the price wouldn't change.

I found a bug! How do I report it?

Bugs and feature requests can all be sent to If you're reporting a bug, a note about which platform you're experiencing it on would be super helpful!

My Bookmarks aren't syncing!

If you experience issues with your Bookmarks not syncing, ensure that all your devices are signed into the same iCloud account. If you have issues that aren't fixed by this, you may have found a bug - shoot an email to and I'll see about getting it resolved!

Are you tracking my reading or browsing habits?

Nope! Part of why I built this was because I didn't want to get caught up in the hyperbole of the crypto ad space, and just focus on the bigger news stories. I'd like to see others have that same experience, and as such... there's no tracking at all, beyond a single identifier for sending push notifications.